Removing the L’s!


At last I’ve passed my motorcycle riding test – on the second attempt – the first attempt was the proverbial nightmare, though the DVLA tester clearly didn’t like me as he asked me to do a U-turn in the waiting room…well, not really but the road was really flippin narrow! Luckily the second tester was a gent, helpful and encouraging, though I was still very nervous!

All that is left to do now is leave, and about a million other things in amongst changing my pants every five minutes…I’m quite nervous now, especially as now I am riding solo. Today the bike was to some degree taken apart and now I can begin making some minor modifications to it to help it withstand the abuse, likely crashes and also take the luggage.

My sister is getting married at the end of August so I better stick around for that or I may be thrown out from the family!

I am starting a “donate your underpants appeal” so feel free to let me know if you can help!

Thanks to all those who are reading.