Early Days….
Early Days….

Early Days….

I can’t believe it’s only been nine or ten days since I left home, it feels like months and not without tribulations!

I really cannot describe how difficult the first few days were, I thought about throwing it all in and hit depths of loneliness that I never knew were possible, knowing each day further I travelled I’d have to travel an extra day back!

I dreamt I was in my own bed and when I woke to find that actually I was in a cold wet tent I was less than amused! But then, one day something clicked, my tent appeared to be huge instead of small, my bags could Carry more and the seat had more room….and things have changed and now I really feel I am in the trip now and it is superb! I really just can’t believe I am doing it!

Though, I was told by another motorcyclist who’d “done” Africa, that the trip won’t begin until then..Africa that is.

Already having suffered a puncture, dropped the bike twice and had the rear brake seize into a locked on position and now the bike making a noise it really shouldn’t be making…but at least it drowns out my singing….I’m starting to think that things can be done to overcome these problems, and better: I can do (some of) them myself!

Best Moment: German family bringing me tea and cakes, “Schollettes” I think whilst I waited for quite some time for Martin to complete his monster commute from work!

Worst Moment: Dropping my cooked pasta everywhere at the campsite in Bayeux.

To get a good idea of what has been happening so far then the best bet is to check out the photos, I don’t want to blabber, click the one in this post to open up the new album in the gallery!

I have a job starting on the 26th September (*shocked gasps*), picking wine grapes near Lyon France, lasting about 10 days (that#s enough work for me!) so that’s my next main stop, going via Bastogne and the Ardennes Forest.

I’ll try and update the map soon, but it’s a right caper, though I have diligently GPS points from each night…

I meant to say some thank yous before I left, but I was too busy being terrified to complete the task, so you can see these in a new post below.

And also, more recent thank yous to Martin who has been extremely terrific in letting me stay in his lovely apartment and being so helpful and kind!! and also Yamaha Dortmund who serviced my bike (within minutes of me arriving!), letting me watch them in the workshop and teaching me a few things AND giving me coffee, it is the best motorcycle shop I have ever seen!

I could write reams already, but that would never do…