Just a quicky!

Hi all,

Just in Munich and after the comforts of the few days at Martin’s felt a bit lonely again, but luckily met a great chap called Fred from Netherlands on a push bike who fed me spicy sausage and beers and said “it’s on me, it’s always nice when someone buys you something if you are on a long journey!”, it was but the company in the bitter cold was better, it hit -1ºC and a pair of dutch motorcyclists asked me if I was expecting it to be THIS cold, “hell no!”. Still it makes it super easy peasy to pack as I’m wearing absolutely all my clothes., remember I have a 50mph wind to contend with all day too!

So from Martins I visited the Eifel forest (great riding, hairpins etc and where I met Fred), Bastogne (scene of epic WWII battle), someplace near Karlsrhue in Germany and some more great riding in some wine district of Germany, who knows where? and now in a tiny place near Munich. Apparently I turned up for the time of the Oktoberfest so it is heaving with folks and I even got to see the massive parade this morning – talk about luck!! On the unlucky side, the ADAC was closed for me to obtain a vital piece of paperwork (a carnet), so that has to wait until tomorrow so I might be pushed for time to get to Lyon for the grape picking!

TI have just been lost for about an hour as I didn’t actually know where I was staying, it has since become apparent it is called Seefeld, if only I’d known! Met a British colonel whose wife made me coffee here too, and some Germans have commented how far I have come! Little do they know….

Also, rode a road which had 12 petrol stations in a row, one after the other, which I found highly bizarre.

There is probably more I have forgotten, but for now….(no more photos as I don’t carry a USB).