Roads South , by Matt Tomasi

In 2010 Matt Tomasi rode a 1972 Honda CB175 from Conneticut all the way to Tierra del Fuego at the southern limits of South America.

To commemorate this feat, he has produced an ebook, which he calls a “Photographic Mileage Log with subtext” documenting the journey.  And…. that’s not all!  It’s available here as a FREE to download (while bandwidth lasts!!) epub file.

So click below and enjoy….Please note the file size, it’s a large file, due to the photos….so be prepared to wait a little.

Just follow this link to download:    Roads South, by Matt Tomasi.  (124mb PDF file)

  • Max

    hey there! the link doesn’t seem to work anymore, any ideas where we could get this thriller? .) cheers!

  • Hi Max….I’ve asked Matt, (I no longer have it as some of my files got corrupted during a web server move). Will let you know where you can get it when he replies….

  • Max

    Hey Nik, thanks a lot, looking forward!

  • Hi Max, the link is now working! So please click to go to a download page of the PDF.

  • Max

    Hey Nick, it worked out. Thanks so much for sorting the link out, and keep these wheels rolling!