Going Green
Going Green

Going Green

After one long year teaching English in Korea, finally – it seems – I am back on the road, and Korea fast becomes an ancient memory; like the longest layover imaginable.

In Oakland, in the San Francisco bay area, I lay my eyes once again on Rudolf
whilst chatting with Kat at St.Georges Warehouses, looking forward excitedly and not without anticipation; how will it be to slide into the saddle again after a lengthy lay-off? and where might it lead to this time?  I feel like a novice again, just like when I was starting out, reminding me of France all that time ago; a clean shaved chin, fluffy clean hair, spanky new clothes and full of fearsome worries.

I look over Rudolf, shipped and packed neatly in his crate all thanks to the great work of Joo Jung at CIL in Korea.  (Thanks Joo) and I hack eagerly at the wood to set him free and answer some of the niggling questions in my mind!

Rudolf being collected from STG Warehouse…yippeeee

I ride off wobbly, a feeling of unfamiliarity.  Rudolf feels old and rickety despite my work on him in Korea and I wonder if he and I can manage the same things we did in Africa….could I do those same things now?

I spend time in San Francisco “surfing couches,” and have even more – inadequate – thanks to give for the wonderful people I’ve met with the help of CouchSurfing.org; people who’ve let me stay in their homes free of charge, providing me with huge savings and really great company and quite often great food too.  So special thanks to Hang, Frederic and Dmetri for the great experiences; I cannot tell you how grateful I am and hope I wasn’t a big pain!

And so, now to Mexico, then through Central America and around South America….and then, well, who knows…..let the adventure “parte dos” begin!

Some photos below, more in the USA gallery album on the photos page.

Hang, whose couch I "surfed" in San Fran, THANKS Hang
Dmetri whose couch I also surfed, good times here with her friend Vlad, thanks guys
My old buddy Dave rides Rudolf
I’ve met a LOT of ncie peopel in the USA, but Allen and Lawrena are amongst the nicest
The next day I went back and took a hike around the many lakes, unbeleivable
Failing to convey scale
good camping though
At "The Racetrack"
NO NO NO, a puncture in death valley, I drank litres and litres repairing this
This explains a lot
More GREAT people, Dennis and Sonya. They were great to talk to and made a great breakfast
Telescope Peak, the highest mountain in Death Valley looking down on the lowest point in USA at minus86m
…was a bit tricky, having to push and heave an unladen Rudy up the rocky steps, thirsty work
Salt flats….did I mention how great Death Valley is
This campsite was super awesome great