A how to video…What to pack….

So someone asked me what to pack….and what not to pack….all the things I’ve learnt over the years….here’s a video telling you almost none of them…..
As I did many takes and each time said something quite different, here’s a few things I forgot on this effort….
You probably don’t need an electric pump, or a laptop, or GPS (maps are great and gets you talking to people asking directions), or an iphone…but a kindle would be nice, but it’s not of course essential.  A Battery charger on the bike is a good idea too….so get all your stuff with AA batteries!
You’ll notice my head gets a bit wider as the video goes on because the camerea has auto rotate….tuh.
If this video goes down a storm – and why wouldn’t it – then I’ll do one on the bike too…why I chose it, that sort of thing.
And for a completely different take on packing, ask Adam at http://www.shortwayround.co.uk/ he has everything packed superbly, including a stool.