Won’t you join me for a coffee?

Join Nick in his latest creation; the “VLOG,” as he prepares his morning coffee and gets easily distracted trying to remember what he’s been upto for the past month in Mexico.
  • Sorry the sounds not very good….bad internet….small file….

  • I’m so enjoying your travels on Horizons Unlimited site, thank you for your intelligent writing with such a light touch. Your epic journey is processed into fast reading without excessive detail. I sailed to west Africa from Vritain and wrote a book, but your writing style is an education for me in being direct and concise and entertaining. Your sense of humour and personality really shines through. Now I have found your blog and am a fan! Thanks. Clarissa

  • Cheers for the comment Clarissa! I only just noticed this one…I should turn email updates on or something?!

    As a fellow “writer” perhaps you can give me any pointers that happen to crop up when you read! Always appreciate a bit of help…!