Howley sh!t….

The little cuddly howler monkey….They might look cute…..

But they scare the poo out of you in camp at night….

Not me though….I’m too tough.

  • Do you cover your bike up at night, while asleep in the tent? I like the idea of using a tarpaulin draped over the bike and pegged out to make a tent, so the bike holds it up, but is also protected from weather and more secure under the same tarp as you sleep.
    I’m used to travelling by boat, which has the advantage of a constantly available bunk to fall into.

  • Nick

    ooh, heck this is a bit late, I don’t receive notifications!

    Great idea! However I don’t use a cover…but I suppose I could use my tent flysheet just the same….I travelled with Duncun who used a tarp tent and he just went rummaging around for a couple of sticks to act as poles too! If I’m raelly pooped and it’s dry I just throw up the inner to stop bugs….that said, I’ve put it up so many times it’s just nornmal now and no hardship….usually!