Check out the new map!

Go and check out the new map, it took me ages! It shows everywhere from my trip so far, exactly where I’ve camped, been robbed, seen animals, altitudes, that sort of thing… NEW MAP!!

Sinus rhythm

Scalpel……sponge…. …clamp….screwdriver, keys, helmet…..ohhh, just kick it?! And with one swift kick, well maybe two, but for the sake of romanticism let’s say one and Rudolf regains a steady and strong sinus rhythm, of 1500rpm. I ascend the four flights of steps up to my apartment before the engine has …

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Tales on Yamaha

My story has been placed on the Yamaha website…but, as you’ve probably read my story on here already then it will be semi-pointless to look, but look anyway, maybe if I get lots of hits they will send me a shiny new WR250X…doubtful, but I live in hope and optimism. …

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